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Optilac System

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Get the best nutrition solutions faster ... simpler ... BETTER.

  • Who is the best ingredient supplier?
  • How can your cows achieve better performance?
  • How can you minimize metabolic problems and maximize
  • transition performance?
  • When should you challenge nutrient requirements based on current economics?

Where do you get answers to questions like these? Just ask the OPTILAC™ system.

What is the OPTILAC™ system?

While others talk theory, the OPTILAC™ system talks performance.

The OPTILAC™ system puts the nutritional know-how of CARGILL® Animal Nutrition at your fingertips. This patent-pending business process leverages our nutritional innovations and business practices to provide unique customer solutions just for you. The right solution could be priceless to your business. And the OPTILAC™ system makes finding these solutions simple. That’s because our system has the capability to:

  • Accurately update the nutrient profiles of ingredients over time
  • Adjust nutrient profiles of ingredients taking physical characteristics into account
  • Predict animal performance and determine the most cost effective nutrient sources

By building your operation in the virtual world, the OPTILAC™ system lets you connect a wide range of factors to animal performance. The virtual operation puts animal requirements and nutrient supply in the context of ingredient valuation, diet formulation, and performance projection.

Key inputs include:

  • Ingredients … accurate nutrient profiles, supplier differences, inventory usage, etc.
  • Animal data … intake, production, weight gain, milk fat %, milk true protein %, BCS data, group lactation factors
  • Environment … ambient temperature and humidity
  • Physical nutrition … grain particle size, forage particle length, steam-flaked grain density, corn silage kernel hardness
  • Performance … amino acid targets, ADG targets, milk production group lead factors
  • Metrics … feed inventories, cost/cow, cost/cwt milk, income over feed cost, feed efficiency

Why use the OPTILAC™ system?

It’s all about value. Value experienced in cost, time, or peace of mind. In other words, value recognized by our customers. Every operation is different and that means we must design and apply innovative solutions specifically for each operation. The inputs used to design a diet change over time. Changes in factors like intake, ingredient valuation, and animal environment may ultimately limit animal performance and maximum profitability. It’s not about diet formulations being right or wrong. It’s about getting the right diet to the right animals at the right time.

Let the OPTILAC™ system answer questions like:

  • What is the best ingredient value?
  • How does the particle size of ingredients impact nutritional decisions?
  • Are you maximizing nitrogen efficiency and what is the impact on nutrient management?
  • Which source of an ingredient is most valuable to your operation?
  • How should you adjust nutrient specifications, given current economic conditions?
  • What is the impact of your current diet on rumen pH levels and rumen health?

How can you use the OPTILAC™ system?

Use the OPTILAC™ system to identify the limiting factors to performance in your operation. Sometimes it’s not obvious where the limiting factors may be. The starting point could be to analyze the ingredients… the animals… or the economics.

The OPTILAC™ system provides you with a platform to look at opportunities from many different angles. And it allows you to harness the ingredient and animal know-how of CARGILL® Animal Nutrition in evaluating those opportunities. For instance, you can review such options as:

  • Ingredient sources … Detailed and accurate nutrient profiles on the ingredients you’re bringing into your operation
  • Site-specific diet formulations … Diets and products designed specifically for your  operation… designed specifically for this point in time
  • Performance … Cost/Cow, Cost/Cwt., Income Over Feed Cost, Feed Efficiency… Now lets look at opportunities to fine-tune nutrient specifications due to current economics

These are only a few of the options, given the infinite number of questions that can surface in your business. Think of the OPTILAC™ system as a way to distribute our know-how to you. Work with our consulting team to experience the value through our customized nutritional programs, service arrangements, or know-how licensure. Let us know what provides the best fit for our relationship.

Taking Animal Productivity to the OPTILAC™.

The OPTILAC™ system provides the nutritional know-how for animal performance. A misstep in evaluating an ingredient, determining a nutrient specification, or developing a nutritional program for any phase of production can have serious downstream effects. Leverage the OPTILAC™ system to derive clear solutions from complex questions.

  • Build your virtual production site. Consider the inputs. What are the ingredients and what is their source? What are the physical characteristics of the ingredients? What type of environment are the animals in? What is the feed intake? What is the expected performance? There are a lot of questions. Key questions that managers and production consultants consider all the time. The OPTILAC™ system provides the framework to answer these questions in more detail than ever before.
  • Assess your ingredient’s value. What is the nutrient profile of each ingredient? Perhaps the simplest answer is based on classical data or textbooks. We think differently. We think real-time. The AutoCalc® system provides a simple and dynamic means to adjust over 100 nutrients in hundreds of ingredients based on differences in geography, processing, season and other factors. Our laboratory spends considerable time to ensure that complex equations correctly update our nutrient data. The AutoCalc® process quickly updates nutrients such as net energy, starch, rumen soluble sugars, and dairy digestible amino acids to name a few.
  • Project your animal performance. There are many factors in your dairy operation that impact the health of your animals. Some are within the realm of ration balancing… and some are not. Let the OPTILAC™ system work for you with those that are tied to your diets. The Rumen Health (RH) Index system provides a dynamic way to balance your diets to a predicted rumen pH. This sub-model takes into account things like chewing time, particle length, alkaline molecules, and fermentation end products. Each ingredient affects the rumen environment of the cow. Changes in nutrient levels and physical characteristics can affect its impact on pH. We developed this system to more accurately predict long term, healthy animal performance.

Let the OPTILAC™ system help design your diets and project your animal performance. Put the know-how of Purina to work for you today.

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