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Barry Sutherland - CowSignals session

Purina ProActiv

Purina ProActiv is an Information center to help you make more profit with happy cows!

The hability to increase earnings for producers is a noted benefit of the program.  We need to focus on all aspects of animal managemnet and animal wellfare.  These combined factors have a huge impact on productivity.

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After observing cow #43 and her environment we saw her hooves were irritated and she wasn't resting well.

The experts suggested that the van Rooyens expand the cows'resting spaces (stalls) and that they start giving cow #43 regular professional hoof trims, including foot baths - essentially, bovine pedicures. - Now cow #43 is happier and you can see it because there is extra milk in the tank and she got pregnant quicker.

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 Travistock, Ontario, Canada





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Making cows more comfortable is the focus of the Purina ProActiv program in Canada.

Pol Acres Farm

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Martin Van Roogen hosted one of the 1st CowSignals sessions in their area at their Farm.


What cows want?

The Cargill team hopes to quantify not only how well CowSignals recommendations work for a dairy operation, but how well it works for the cows. They are collecting precise data on increases in cow longevity, and counting average calvings (or cow pregnancies) and the resulting, money-making lactation cycles.

 “In the best herds, 47 percent of cows are in their third or greater lactation,” said Sutherland, who is also a veterinarian. “We want to get our customers, and their hosted one of the first cows, to reap the benets of having an average of five lactations in their herds.”