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Technical Fact Sheet

TriMAX sets the new standard in nutrition for the equine athlete.  TriMAX provides a safe and concentrated amount of energy by maximizing absorption of the three major fuels: vegetable fat, fermentable fibre and highly digestible starch. TriMAX contains superior levels of essential nutrients for enhanced performance and health, including a perfect balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.

With a unique blend of energy sources, it is the ideal feed for hard working athletes suffering from tying-up or excitability!


Trimax sac


Contains a well balanced level of the three major fuel sources with reduced starch and higher fat and fibre content Delivers the energy or fuel for maximum athletic performance while working with and not against the horse’s digestive system 
An ideal fuel blend for horses that “tie-up”
Improves behavior in “hot” horses 
Energy (calorie) dense. Less feed is required to maintain body condition and stamina 
Contains beet pulp, a highly fermentable fibre source. Maintains gut health while enhancing energy and athletic performance 
Contains Athlete™, an extruded high fat feed for performance horses with flaxseed (an excellent source of Omega 3.) “Clean” burning fuel, which reduces lactic acid build-up 
Enhances performance through glycogen sparing 
Improves palatability, hair coat and skin condition 
Higher digestibility and energy availability 
Contains Horse Plus™, our exclusive blend of vitamin C, and a full complement of all B-vitamins including biotin Essential blood-building nutrients
Enhances immune function and overall health
Essential for proper utilization of energy during performance  
Contains chelated copper, zinc, manganese and selenium Increases absorption and enhances trace mineral bio-availability for heightened performance and immune response 
Contains molasses, alfalfa meal, high quality ingredients, flavoring and an appetite stimulant Excellent palatability 
Ideal for finicky eaters 
Contains a high level of Vitamin E (300 IU/kg). The most important antioxidant needed by exercising horses 
Higher levels of Vitamin E required with high fat rations  
Contains Purina Yeast Culture. Improves hindgut fermentation resulting in increased energy and protein utilization 
Manufactured in a facility with high standards of biosecurity and quality Consistent quality feed 
Manufactured in a 100% drug-free facility No risk of a detrimental drug contamination
Peace of mind 
Manufactured in Canada Minimizes transport cost
Optimizes freshness