innovation center, aerial photo

Innovation Center



The Innovation Campus in Elk River, Minnesota is the hub of the Cargill Animal Science Technology Development Center. Our laboratories in Songtan, Korea and Spessa, Italy support and enhance our commitment to state-of-the-art research and development that includes customers as an integral part of the team.

Our capabilities start with understanding the nutrient needs of animals and making sure the ingredients match those nutrient needs. At the Innovation Campus and in our laboratories around the world, we use Near Infra-Red Reflectance Spectoscopy, or NIRS, a technology that uses light to measure nutrients in ingredient samples. This fundamental technology supports our formulation systems. Each year, scientists in our global laboratories scan more than 6000,000 samples to determine nutrient quantity and quality. The information is maintained in databases for our scientists and product development teams around the world to support their work with customers.


Our work goes beyond animal nutrition and feed ingredients. It also encompasses feed safety, quality assurance of ingredients, product integrity and food safety, and the production of safe, reliable feed through standardized processes. We are committed to excellence at every step of the feed manufacturing and food production process.