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PEP Nursery Guidelines

Here are some helpful guidelines to get your pigs off to the best start possible:

  • Maximize sow lactation intakes for optimal weaning weights.
  • Set rigorous biosecurity standards.
  • Sanitation – excellent cleaning, disinfecting and drying between batches ensures “new starts without baggage”.
  • A warm, dry environment on entry.
  • A newly weaned pig requires an animal level temperature of between 25 and 30ºC depending on bodyweight, with temperature fluctuations of less than 2ºC.
  • Enough feeder space (minimum of 1.5”/pig).
  • Target feed intakes immediately post weaning should be around 1% of body weight on day 1, 2% on day 2 and 3% by day 3.
  • Manual pan or mat feeding to help start pigs on feed at entry.
  • Water—ideally several locations within a pen. 10 pigs/nipple or 15/bowl.
  • Flow rate should be at least 1 L/min with a pH of < 7. Ventilation – proper inlet and exhaust sizing for pig requirements.
  • Good air flow pattern for optimizing pig comfort while minimizing heat & hydro usage.
  • Sort smallest pigs off on entry and adapt your feeding program for them.
  • Establish a hospital pen and treat individual pigs.

For more information about Purina’s NEW PigTech Nursery Program contact your Purina Swine Consultant or Dealer, or call 1-800-567-CHOW (2469).