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Purina Enhancement Program

 The Purina Enhancement Program evaluates the current operation status and outlines specific opportunities for improvement. The net results are predictable performance and profitability.

Today every swine enterprise must continually search for ways to reduce costs and improve profitability.

Advancements in technology have made understanding the interactions between management, health, genetics and nutrition more complicated. Not only do producers need to consider efficiency of production but they also must take into account the changing demands of consumers.

The Purina Enhancement Program (PEP) is a tool to aid producers make management decisions. PEP brings together the resources of the farm and sophisticated monitoring equipment to evaluate the current status of the operation and outline specific opportunities for improvement. There is an evaluation for each area of your operation (i.e. Sow, Nursery, Grow- Finish). The process begins with a visit by a Purina certified swine consultant and ends with a written action plan for your facility.

The appraisal process focuses on Performance, Environment, Nutrition and Health to assess the current status of the operation. Some of the environmental items examined include:

  1. Air Quality – measured by gaseous levels (i.e. ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, etc.), ventilation rates, humidity and dust
  2. Thermal Environment – described by effective ambient temperature, draft, insulation and floor type
  3. Water – availability, quality and quantity as told by flow rate and water analysis
  4. Social Environment – assessed by space allowance, feeder/water space, pen design, and management practices for specific animals, given their weight and age

The meaningful numbers and observations PEP provides are instrumental in helping producers make sound business decisions. The net results are predictable performance and profitability. Contact your local Purina swine consultant to experience the benefits that the Purina Enhancement Program can provide you.