Purina Leader's Council

Leader's Council members represent all segments of Ontario's diverse dairy industry and the annual meetings provide members an opportunity to share and compare different perspectives with other leading dairy producers. This interaction and exposure to new ideas from other members and highly regarded guest speakers will continue to help them manage their operations into the future as well as provide them an occasion to share their views and suggestions on future industry trends and Purina initiatives

Admission to the Leader's Council is through a rigorous, objective points system assessing different herd performance parameters that are related to the success of the varied segments of our industry. The application process is completely confidential. Winners are named for life to the council, and will be invited each year to participate in Council meetings as long as they remain complete committed Purina customers.

Purina is a company with a deep commitment to Ontario's dairy industry and its producers. Our customers' success and continued leadership in the marketplace determines our success as well, now and into the future. The Leader's Council is one way we thank our progressive customers for the privilege of their business and accomplishments. We invite you to apply for membership to Purina's Leader's Council and benefit from the opportunity to share in the excellence of other leading Purina customers as well.