Feeding a calf

Research & Technology


For more than 100 years, Purina has been associated with a brand, which keeps customers' needs high priority. It was not only about responding but also creating new, innovative solutions.

Here are some of the key innovations which resulted in response to the needs of producers, dealers, and ultimately consumers. These Purina innovations have become the standard in animal nutrition:

  • The livestock feed industry is revolutionized by the introduction in 1928 of the first pelleted feeds: Purina Checkers.
  • STARTENA, the first dry feed for early weaning of calves without hay (1935).
  • High energy coarse textured complete dairy feeds with flaked grains.
  • MAXI-TECH, the first dairy complete feed to use fat as an energy source preventing excessive body reserves mobilization.
  • Pelleted minerals for dairy cows were introduced by Purina.
  • Purina was the first to recognize the need and to introduce feeds specifically formulated for dry and transitional cows.
  • SUP-R-BLOCKS, weather-resistant, a new and practical form of feed supplements.
  • First products with built-in effective fiber to stimulate rumen health and optimize productivity.
  • EXTRUPRO, the first extruded dairy feeds to improve milk production, persistency and milk protein.
  • MANURE SCREENER, development of a three level manure screening process to evaluate ration digestibility.