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Sup-R-Mix & OPTIMix

Put confidence in your mix!

Our on-farm mixing programs are fundamentally different from the premixes you are familiar with. They are a reflection of our desire to bring innovative technologies and world-class solutions to your farm. What sets us apart is confidence. Purina’s basemix, supplement and stretcher products are pelleted to reduce separation and dust, improve mixability plus provide consistent nutrition. An integrated quality assurance program ensures that you get the most from what you have.






Our team of certified swine consultants have the knowledge and skills that come from decades of experience in the field. We know ingredients cause the largest source of variation in your business. Variation due to growing season, field location, processing changes, grinding micron size and many other factors actually change nutrient levels and ultimately, animal performance.

To help put confidence in you mix we continue to invest in leading edge, practical tools.

  • AutoCalc® system – provides a simple and dynamic means to adjust over 1000 nutrients from an ingredient analysis of key nutrients. Our laboratory spends considerable time to ensure that complex equations, based on wet chemistry and animal studies, correctly update the nutrient levels real-time.
  • Grain Particle Scorer tool – provides an easy on-site measurement of particle size, allowing quick adjustment of nutrient content or diet formulation. Based on the score the AutoCalc® system adjusts the nutrient profile of the ingredient in the OptiPork system to accurately formulate your diet and project animal performance.





We are passionate about on-farm mixing. Challenge Purina’s on-farm mixing performance in your operation and measure us where it counts – on your bottom line.