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To understand best value when purchasing opportune ingredients you need the facts:


  1. The supplied ingredient nutrient analysis & variation benchmarked.
  2. The specific supplier of the ingredient & variation from load to load.
  3. The “opportunity cost” of using various ingredient options.
  4. The “best fit” in formulation of specific diets.
  5. The potential improvements your mixing system and barn environment can offer.
  6. Address ingredient opportunities while they are still in your bin.
With this information you can lower your feed costs and improve performance without guessing!



Synchronize connects today’s superior “on-farm mix” technologies to lower feed cost, optimize performance and improve profitability by at least $1.00 per pig. Now you can take the guesswork out of key management decisions.

  • Quick and accurate ingredient evaluation by supplier.
  • Best-cost formulation and modeling to optimize feed cost and pig performance with PorcTech.
  • In-barn monitoring to optimize environment and mixing accuracy with PEP.


This lets you capture the competitive advantages many of the larger integrators are using to optimize profitability.


Quick and accurate ingredient evaluation by supplier:
  • Accurate ingredient analysis using the latest proprietary technology.
  • Timely turn-around (while the ingredient is in inventory).
  • Benchmarking by past ingredient purchases.
  • Benchmarking by ingredient suppliers.
  • Understanding variation by ingredient and supplier.



Know which ingredient and supplier offers the best opportunity for your operation.


Best-cost formulation and modeling to optimize feed cost and pig performance with PorcTech:
  • PorcTech is a “world-class” swine diet formulation and performance prediction tool.
  • Detailed ingredient nutrient profile calculation with Porctech’s AutoCalcTM feature.
  • Formulation based on your specific ingredient analysis.
  • Performance predictions using other management variables specific to your farm, such as genetics, packer information, etc.
  • Improvement areas identified and projections completed.



In depth on-farm consultation will reveal formulation opportunities


In-barn monitoring to optimize environment and mixing accuracy with PEP:

The Purina Enhancement Program (PEP) monitors key in-barn environmental and management variables.

  • Measures feed mixing accuracy and particle size.
  • Other unique technologies such as the “Shipping GAP
  • Calculator” will help uncover additional savings.
  • In-barn consultation for continuous improvement.
  • Validates and perfects the performance accuracy of PorcTech.

Now you can accurately apply realtime knowledge to make the right business decisions.


When you know the nutrient profile of your opportune ingredients you can formulate your rations with accuracy.


When you know how to capture the potential in your swine genetics, in-barn environment, mixing system, packer grid premiums, etc. you can optimize your results.

Now you can formulate with precision and optimize your returns through:

  • Lower feed costs
  • Better pig performance
  • Higher revenues

…to capture at least $1.00 per pig

Experience demonstrates that larger “on-farm mix” swine operations putting Synchronize to work will capture at least $1.00 per pig in returns and we can prove it.

For your farm that is marketing _______pigs/yr x $1.00/pig/mkted/yr

= ________$ /yr of higher returns

Synchronize…Connecting superior “on-farm mix” technologies to help you get more from what you have.

  • Identify ingredients and suppliers that give you the best value.
  • Formulate opportune ingredients together with corn and soy to lower feed costs and improve performance.
  • Get the most out of your genetics, barn and mixing system.
  • Evolve a more meaningful supplier relationship where important facts are shared to capture the potential you have.

Synchronize is not for every pork producer but will help many gain a competitive advantage unique to the industry.

To access Synchronize and capture the competitive advantage of at least $1.00 per pig you need to:

  1. Understand the process :
    • A value-added consultative relationship.
    • Ingredient sampling, submission & costs.
    • In-barn & mixing system reviews.
  2. Program registration & customer commitment
  3. Support continual improvement and collaboration for higher returns.
Do you feel Synchronize can help you be more profitable?