Transition Cow Program

Purina Transition Cow Product Advantages 

Higher Levels of Magnesium Cow

All Purina Dry Cow supplements and complete feeds contain high levels of magnesium as an aid in the prevention of hypocalcemia (milk fever). If magnesium levels are too low, the signals to increase calcium absorption from the intestine, or increase calcium mobilization from bones are blocked leading to lower blook calcium levels, which can result in milk fever. In response to these new findings, magnesium levels in Purina's Dry Cow Products have been increased to ensure the recommended dietary levels of 0.40% magnesium in the close-up dry cow ration is reached.

Higher Levels of Vitamin E and Organic Selenium

All Purina Dry Cow supplement and complete feeds provide 2000 IU/day of Vitamin E and also contain an organic source of selenium for optimal functioning of the immune system.

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